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Blowing the Dust Off

We are brushing the cobwebs away and getting back to work, in order to open the doors on Satin & Stone Publications to you, romance authors of the world.

While we lay out the blueprints that will be the foundation of S & S, we hope you'll bear with us and allow us the time to build the tools and relationships necessary to ensure the success of our brand and -by association- your works published through us.

There's so much to do and we are determined to leave no detail missed, from contract documents to marketing plans, submissions requirements to ad algorithms and that means research, continuing education and establishing rapport with industry professionals across the spectrum and across the globe.

We're busy behind the scenes learning new skills, new programs and new markets to be ready to represent you from the time our doors open.

In the meantime, write your stories. Polish your manuscripts. And keep watching for us to turn our sign to 'open'.

Passion is our passion and we want to share yours with the world.

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