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Good Things Take Time...

And while it shouldn't have taken this long, we are all victims of the slings and arrows of life at times, aren't we? Satin & Stone Publications and its dark counterpart, Darkstone Press will be opening their doors in the new year on a limited basis as we fine tune our operations.

There are so many threads to this tapestry we're weaving- from establishing contractor relationships, to creating contracts and even making future plans for curated newsletters, quarterly boxes and magazine publications- that we need to make sure not a single detail is overlooked. But that will be inevitable, won't it?

We will announce when we begin accepting submissions for romance at S&S and for all other dark genres at Darkstone. We have so much we want to offer our authors and readers alike, that that we are putting our hearts and souls into finally opening of Satin & Stone.. Bear with us as we go through these birthing pains to bring you more of the stories you crave.

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