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Satin & Stone Publications is a boutique publisher for romance and erotic fiction, including sub-genres ranging from paranormal to taboo. Founded by a self-published author, we know what it takes to bring your book from rough draft to it's full, eye-catching fruition. We think you should write that book. Let us help.

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Submission Guidelines

Please follow the instructions below to ensure your work is seen.

To submit your work for consideration, please send the first 2 chapters of your manuscript, a short summary, and the proposed length of the completed work. Include the title and genre in the subject line.

Satin & Stone will only consider completed manuscripts.

While we will consider all sub-genres of romance and erotica, Satin & Stone reserves the right to reject a manuscript for any reason, including content. We WILL NOT ACCEPT manuscripts containing  bestiality, pedophilia, non-consensual acts, incest or degradation. 


Short story submissions will be complete and between 10,000 and 20,000 words in length.

Responses will be given via e-mail and may take up to 8 weeks at this time.

Your name could be here. Please see our submission guidelines.

Satin & Stone Publications is proud to work with some of the most visionary authors, helping them to bring their creative storytelling and to life with the help of our dedicated publishing team. Whatever genre you’re into, our wide variety of authors are sure to indulge your every mood and fantasy. Check out the authors we’ve worked with below.

Our Authors



Paranormal Romance / Contemporary Romance / Horror (as J.L. Cobb)

Details that entrance and a unique and lyrical prose are the hallmarks of Harper L. Jameson. Playing on ancient legends and flirting with societal taboos, her paranormal romance series "The Tribe Novels" will have you craving more. Check out the full selection of Harper L. Jameson titles from Satin & Stone Publications.


Paranormal Romance

Unlikely heroes, impossible loves... these are what make a romance truly fantastic. With a gift for description and a passion for soul-reaching love stories, the solo debut from Jess Raven is not to be missed. Check out the full selection of Rachel Constantin titles from Satin & Stone Publications.



NA Paranormal/Thriller

The path to adulthood is harrowing in the world of Katharen MartinHer characters fight their way through mist and magic, shifters and covens to create wondrous tales of love that will leave you captivated. Look for her duology, "Malefica" & "Daemonium" out now.

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